Sometimes, I think I’m really unlikeable

A good friend once announced that upon first meeting me, she hated me. And, despite her insistence that she likes me now, I started wondering about likeability. You see, as a person, I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘instantly likeable’. Through a combination of nervousness and awkwardness, I tend to greet people with an endless stream of word vomit, normally followed by an intensely personal question. Which despite my best efforts, I haven’t seemed to curb. I knock over drinks, tables and bags a

How to build a sustainable wardrobe

Buy less, choose well, make it last. You can’t flick through a magazine, or even your TV, without seeing Marie Kondo. She’s the woman responsible for a change in the way we clean our houses. From her bestselling book to her new Netflix show, her minimalist approach to living better has inspired many of us to have a clear out. She is also a leading advocate of minimalist fashion, an ethical trend that challenges consumerism. So, how do you Marie Kondo your wardrobe with sustainability in mind?

The Female Gaze: On Film Criticism

Everyone’s a critic these days, but why are only 32% of them female? As someone who watches a lot of films, I read a lot of reviews. As soon as the credits begin to roll, I instinctively paw around the sofa for my phone before spending the next half hour absorbed in any commentary I can find. And I’m not alone. According to research firm Nielsen, 80% of moviegoers will consult critical reviews to help them decide on which film, to see and many film fans will spend up to half an hour afterward

Chapter One My First Period

There’s a moment in my adult life that really stands out whenever I think of sexism. A few years ago, a girl that I knew fairly well dropped me an IM at work to ask if I had any tampons. I didn’t, but, I offered to ask around for her. Even sat across a desk from her, I could hear her hammering furiously at the keyboard, desperately replying ‘No, No! Don’t say anything!’ And that was that. Except it wasn’t. Too embarrassed to ask our (male) manager if she could nip to the shop, she went on to

Jacob Rees-Mogg continuing to seek political inspiration from The Handmaid's Tale

Conservative backbencher Jacob Rees-Mogg is continuing to pursue his vision of a post-Brexit Britain that bears an uncanny resemblance to Gilead. With a strong held conviction that abortion should be illegal, Rees-Mogg continues to ask why he should stop there with his pursuit of a puritanical Britain for everyone. At a recent meeting with Theresa May, known to Rees-Mogg fondly as OfPhilip, he suggested that the hit Channel 4 show may hold some ‘not completely terrible ideas’. “I’m not saying